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Hello lovely people, my name is Martina, I'm from Slovenia and I live here in Magdeburg already for 4 months. Before my arrival here, I knew nothing about Magdeburg, literally nothing. I had no clue what to expect, but everything turned out to be great. I love my work, my big and super cozy room, myself (haha), my roommates and other volunteers, who are super kind. However, there were some funny (and also quite unpleasant) moments that occur during my volunteering time, so here is the list of 7 funny stories and facts, seen from my perspective, about Magdeburg. Enjoy reading!

UNPREDICTABLE WEATHER – Be always ready for wind, rain and sun, because all of these may appear in one day. There was one sunny and warm morning in December that I went running, after that I just put on my shirt and trainers, went to work and then in the evening, when I stepped out of the building, the ground was covered in snow. So, here's the lesson: always have umbrella/raincoat, rain boots and proper clothes with you.

MOST PEOPLE SPEAK ALSO RUSSIAN – As a former DDR town, Magdeburg is a home to many people that immigrated at that time mostly from Russia, Ukraine and other former soviet countries. I'm very self-conscious when I speak German, I'd rather be quiet than saying anything. In that case I speak with my roommate, who doesn't speak English, in my-not-so-perfect Russian. So one day on a tram I was telling him some stupid jokes and I didn't want anyone else to hear about it, but then at the end not only us, but also the old couple, who was sitting opposite to us, reacted to this joke, turning out laughing loud.

PEOPLE CROSS THE ROAD WHEREVER THEY WANT –No zebra? No problem! Just go! I never dare myself to cross the street just wherever, because in Ljubljana, where I lived before I came here, you'd get fined, for sure! There's always police, somewhere hiding, waiting for its prey. But here I didn't witness (yet) any disciplinary sanctions from police.

NO SKIPPING THE LINE AT THE CASHIER - Ok, maybe I come from a place with those strange rules, but when you stand in the line at the cashier with max 3 products, people will politely let you in front of them. Actually it became so normal, that if you don't do this, you're considered to be rude. But here I didn't experience such a behavior, I was actually really disappointed when I waited at cashiers in Aldi, looking into old lady, with my puppy eyes, begging to let me skip her (her trolley was full and I only had one yogurt to buy), but it didn't help. I tried this method again later, but no success. I gave up.

NO FREE TAP WATER IN CAFES/RESTAURANTS – Another shock for me. You only MAY (!!) get tap water beside coffee, but you have to say strictly: Leitungwasser, bitte! If you order just glass of water, they will charge you bottle water that costs more than a beer. Hmmm, that`s why they drink so much beer, I guess. J

DON'T GIVE AWAY YOUR CHAIR TO OLDERS IN A TRAM – they might get offended. They will say, that they are still young enough to stand on their feet. Just saying.

LAST, BUT NOT THE LEAST – NO "SCHWARTZFAHREN"! – Remember this german word, forever! Let me explain, it means to travel without buying a ticket, or with a false ticket. It may happen accidentally that you've bought a wrong ticket, but they have no mercy. You pay 60 euros or run away. But I don't recommend this, since they have cameras everywhere, they might trace you and send you an invitation to the court. They know everything about you and they're strict.

These are the highlights of my life in Magdeburg, and mostly likely they might happen to you too. But town itself has its own charm, no matter what happen to me, I still enjoy it to the fullest.


Eurocamp í Lutherstadt Wittenberg 2016