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Hello Dear Everyone!

I am Kumru from Turkey. I came to MD last 1st October . I am working in Bildungsnetzwerk as a volunteer with my co-worker Michelle. We are shooting a documantery about Syrian refugees in Magdeburg. I already studied Cinema and Tv in Istanbul. So this project is exactly for me and really so good experience for me. We are taking our materials ( camera,mic so on) from Offener Kanal which is host for other evs project. So i also met with the new people in Offener Kanal .
I am here cuz i really interested in German Cinema. There are a lot of things here i will learn. Germany has got really rooted culturel about all area... Music, cinema, sociology , literature etc. And this things are making larger my living perspective my artistic side...

Već mjesec dana volontiranja
EFD in Germany


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