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Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt (AGSA) and its partner organisation Offener Kanal are pleased to announce three ESC (Erasmus+ program) vacancies in two different projects. The volunteer activities start from the 1st of March 2019 with the... read more
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Dear friends! We are glad to announce that the application process for our EVS projects is over. We have selected our seven new volunteers. We are happy to welcome Sofiia and Katerina from Ukraine,Ksenia and Julia from Russia, Mirjana from... read more
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16th of June is totally devoted to European Football Championship 2016… especially in the evening of Language café. We are going to watch live streaming of the game Germany vs. Poland from 21:00. For this evening we are organizing barbecue,... read more

New entries in the blog from eurocampers and volunteers

Martina Lovric
31 January 2017
​7 FUN FACTS ABOUT MAGDEBURGHello lovely people, my name is Martina, I'm from Slovenia and I live here in Magdeburg already for 4 months. Before my arrival here, I knew nothing about Magdeburg, literally nothing. I had no clue what to expec...
Guðrún Ólafsdóttir
04 August 2016
Ég heiti Guðrún Ólafsdóttir og er 19 ára Reykvíkingur frá Íslandi. Í dag er minn 9. dagur hér í Eurocamp búðunum í þessum fallega litla bæ, Lutherstadt Wittenberg, og ég gæti ekki verið ánægðari með lífið. Ég var beðin um að skrifa litla f...
Wojciech Dojlido
03 August 2016
OK. So I decided to go on Eurocamp 2016 very spontaneously, I haven't even read the infopack. Now I'm glad about that. I've already been on some youth exchanges, so I knew what can I expect, but this one surprised me! Eurocamp participants ...