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A Polish boy in Eurocamp

OK. So I decided to go on Eurocamp 2016 very spontaneously, I haven't even read the infopack. Now I'm glad about that. I've already been on some youth exchanges, so I knew what can I expect, but this one surprised me!

Eurocamp participants can choose one of projects they gonna work in. I did not pay attention, when they were presented, but my polish friend encouraged me to work together in a kindergarden. That was a lucky shot. We have to renovate a "Path of Senses" – a short way you supposed to walk barefoot filled with different stuff like sand or cones and build an "Insect Hotel" – yeah, Germans… Anyway the project is best, cause it's not as boring as others and during the work we play quite a lot with children. They are too energetic. And enthusiastic. Once I missed a bus and I had to walk to the kindergarden. Supposed to be late, but I was first in there (cause rest people went to a forest to collect some cones) and had to play with all of the children alone. We have great team, which have a lot of fun even digging a hole. When it rains we used to drink tea and play some games or just talk.

In free time we integrate and sleep. It's too little time to sleep in the night – breakfasts are at 7:10! This German day plan is insane. Not many can get used to that. We have this hard choice in mornings: shower or breakfast. That's because we start partying very late – 22. The parties are great, as usually with international people. There was a wine fest on the weekend. Wine was awesome. We drunk some and went to probably an only club here. It was a good night.

We have some activities based on sightseeing the town. It's Wittenberg. Martin Luther and the reformation. So we visited the church because of whose it started (we stay 15 meters far), listened to detailed story of reformation. The church is in renovation and already looks awesome. We also had a tour with a guide, who enlightened us that Wittenberg is not just about Martin Luther.

The town is very peaceful, clean and quiet. No loud music, no loud people, no trash. People are kind and constantly smiling. Let's say that brought this stereotype. Once I met two foxes. And one bite me! Fortunately not hard. Cute one. Germans are strange. There is a stadium in here and the basketball field has grass on it!

Summarizing Eurocamp is a good option to spend some time on holidays, meet great people and have fun. so��7.[�

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