Until when can I apply for the EUROCAMP?

The first deadline is May 12th, 2024. After that, it will only be possible to apply for free places to a limited extent. For example, for participants from certain countries.


How are the participants selected?

We regularly review the applications we receive. We check the country and the age. We also offer online meetings to get to know each other.

We pay attention to the following criteria during the selection process:

  • Balanced gender ratio
  • Balanced ratio of countries (max. 3-4 participants per country)
  • Preference will be given to people with little or no experience abroad


When and how do I pay the participation fee?

Either you transfer the money in advance or you bring the amount in cash to the EUROCAMP.


When will I be reimbursed for my travel expenses?

You will receive the money in cash on site on presentation of all receipts (e.g. invoices, tickets). If any receipts are missing, you can send them to us later and we will transfer the money to you.


Do I have to be able to speak perfect English?

No. You should be able to communicate sufficiently during your arrival and departure as well as during the program. English is not a native language for most participants.


Do I have to be able to speak German?

No. The motivation for participation varies. There will be participants who want to improve their German language skills through their stay in Germany. Other participants have no prior knowledge of German.


Will we be camping at EUROCAMP?

No, we are stayin at a youth hostel in Naumburg. There are shared rooms and showers/toilets inside. Many parts of the program will also take place in the youth hostel.


Do I need any particular prior knowledge?

No, your interest in the topic and your open-mindedness towards the other participants and the program are more than sufficient.


How do I get to Naumburg (Saale)?

Naumburg (Saale) has a train station. If you arrive by plane, you can easily get there by train. We will support you in choosing the best way to get there.


How many participants will there be?

According to current planning, we have a total of 45 places.


Can we wash our clothes in between?

In the middle of the program, we will have a laundry day. There will be no individual washing, but we will collect the clothes of all participants on a voluntary basis.


What are the rules/liabilities in connection with Corona?

There are currently no legal requirements.


Are there any other rules/requirements that I should observe before registering?

We must comply with the house rules of the youth hostel in Naumburg. We will also make agreements on rest periods, etc. For some program points there will be instructions from the team or other responsible persons.


Bis wann kann ich mich für das EUROCAMP bewerben?

Die erste Frist endet am 15. April 2023. Die Bewerbung auf freie Plätze ist danach nur eingeschränkt möglich. Zum Beispiel für Teilnehmende aus bestimmten Ländern.

Last update on 13.03.2023 by Daniel Adler.

Wie werden die Teilnehmenden ausgewählt?

Die eingehenden Bewerbungen schauen wir regelmäßig durch. Wir prüfen das Land und das Alter. Wir bieten auch Online-Treffen zum Kennenlernen an.

Bei der Auswahl achten wir auf folgende Kriterien:

  • Ausgewogenes Verhältnis der Geschlechter
  • Ausgewogenes Verhältnis der Länder (maximal 3-4 Teilnehmende pro Land)
  • Personen ohne oder mit geringer Auslandserfahrung werden bevorzugt

Last update on 13.03.2023 by Sven Thiele.

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