Our programme for the EUROCAMP

We are pleased to invite you to EUROCAMP 2024, where young people from all over Europe will come together in Naumburg to shape the future of our continent together! During these 14 exciting days we will reflect on our European values: democracy, human rights, solidarity, sustainability and freedom. We aim to establish a community in which political views, personal experiences and future wishes can be exchanged in a safe space within an international group.


We will discuss the results of the European elections from a national and real-life perspective, critically examine them and develop possible future scenarios for the EU. What does freedom mean to you personally and in a European context? What forms of solidarity can you imagine to strengthen cohesion and support in the European community? Together we want to understand how these results can shape the future of Europe.

Workshops & Activities

The EUROCAMP team has prepared many activities for you. In the media workshop you will have the opportunity to take and edit videos, design collages or write social media content. During a city rally you will discover the city in small groups. Movie night give you the chance to relax and have fun after a busy day. Participants offer leisure activities for other participants, e.g. discussion on a topic of their choice, or jam sessions.

Cultural diversity & multilingualism

Our friendly community is ready to accompany and support you on your language journey. The Eurocamp team has prepared a language café for the participants: a chance to improve your German skills in a pleasant and friendly environment where the colorful languages of Europe are spoken and celebrated.


The name of our event is Country Night, where half of our amazing participants take the stage and reveal the wonders of their country or region. Experience an exciting journey with inspiring stories, from breathtaking landscapes to the most fascinating traditions.

Excursions & shared leisure time

For those who prefer to explore the city in an interactive way, we have prepared something special - a city rally! Form small groups and get to know the city better in a fun and entertaining way through tasks prepared by our team. An opportunity not only to discover the neighbourhood, but also to make new friends!

Work projects

We understand that your talents are diverse! That's why we have developed projects based on need and demand. Whether you are passionate about renovation work, garden maintenance or other craft activities - everyone will find a suitable project here.

Your efforts will not only be rewarded in the creation of visible products, but also in the recognition and gratitude of the town of Naumburg (Saale) and its residents. Together we create lasting memories and positive change.

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